Please use the following links to set an appointment with me. An appointment is available if no other user has indicated that they will be attending the 30 minute appointment. If you see that a user named "taken" has selected an appointment slot, that slot is no longer available. Please try to only select a 30 minute slot unless you know you will need a full hour. If your schedule does not work with the listed meeting times, please email me directly with suggestions for alternative times.

Please email me in advance, noting the date of our meeting, if there is something specific you want me to look at and discuss in our meeting.

NOTE: All meetings will be initially set virtually. After you select an appointment time, I will email with instructions to connect via Zoom or phone. If you would like to request a face-to-face meeting, please respond to the calendar invite after setting your appointment in doodle. I will accommodate as I am able to do so.